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Una riqueza de la naturaleza – Nature’s Wealth

Una riqueza de la naturaleza – Nature’s Wealth

¡Hola Todos!

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with the Macartneys for 2 whole days! I was most nervous about traveling there, since it involved finding taxis and taking a ferry. As it turns out, it was super easy to get there, and it was less than $12. Something that I learned was that when I go visit for Thanksgiving, I should take the 11AM ferry home instead of the 2PM ferry. Because it was dark when I got back to San Jose, I had to take a taxi all the way home from the bus stop in San Jose (which bumped up the cost to around $17).


Double rainbow sighting, Caylyn Moglia

On the ferry to Paquera, I saw 2 (double) rainbows; it was super cool. Sadly, my camera does not capture all the colors that God allows my eyes to see, so the better pictures have the saturation and contrast turned all the way up. The colors were amazing and I could see each individual color!Something that wasn’t so cool on the ferry was that I saw a lot of trash in the ocean. It did not necessarily come from the people in Costa Rica, it could have come from the other side of the world for all I know, but it is disgusting, and I wish we lived in a world that could take care of its trash better.

On Friday, I went to school at Escuela Futuro Verde with everybody and got to hang out in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Spanish classrooms. One thing that is super cool about this school is that all of the kids are either bilingual, multilingual, or on their way to becoming so. Something else that is different culturally  is that the students call their teachers by their first names, something that could get a student in major trouble in the United States.


Surfing on the beach, Caylyn Moglia

On Saturday, we spent the whole day at the beach, and I learned how to surf! BJ showed me the basics on land, and then helped me figure it out in the water. I spent most of my time wiping out, but I stood up 3 or 4 times. The only bad thing was that I rubbed all the sunscreen off of my thighs and now have a really bad sunburn, thankfully, BJ gave me his rash guard, so my stomach is not burnt.


Red Macaw sighting, Caylyn Moglia

On the way home from the beach we saw 3 largish caimans in the river, and they were the small ones according to one of the guys who keeps track of them. I also saw the blue macaws that the neighborhood is currently breeding, and the red macaws that were recently released. There were 3 red macaws right outside the house Saturday evening, and I got some good pictures of them.

Hasta luego!



17 November 2016


Caylyn Moglia