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“Every year since 2004, I have accompanied a group of college pre-med and nursing students on a two week medical service team to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. These trips have been directed by Heidi Michelsen. The curriculum has included medical training which equips the students to take medical histories and to make basic medical assessments. The medical service teams are always supported by a local physician.  This is a critical factor in the success of these trips.  It is so important that medical care is directed and carried out by a licensed physician from the host country. 

In addition, the Praxis staff also educates the students about the historical and political history of the country they are serving. This helps them understand how the socio-political issues impact health care systems.

Students have told me how much their service trip has affected their lives.  Some reported that this will affect what field of medicine they wish to pursue. Others state that because of their service trip, they will look for ways they can continue to serve even when they return home.”